Palliative Resources for Physicians

An extra layer of support
Our team is available to support you, your patients and their families. For instance, check out the family education articles on this website, available 24/7.

We save you time by providing:

You remain the physician in charge
We have our interdisciplinary team consult with the patient and family and then report back to you regarding optimal strategies.

Palliative care is appropriate for all ages and all stages of a serious illness
Your patient can receive palliative care while also receiving curative treatment. In fact, the American Cancer Society recommends that all patients who receive a cancer diagnosis, no matter the stage, be given a referral for concurrent palliative care.

Palliative care can be given with curative care
The palliative care team can be called in to assist with management of distressing symptoms from a wide range of treatments, including chemo, or radiation. Even those patients who are physically tolerating curative care quite well, may be experiencing emotional or spiritual distress from their diagnosis. Members of the palliative care team can help patients address their fears and learn to simultaneously find hope and joy in the moment.

Let us assist with family conversations
As the disease progresses and if treatments become burdensome, it may become wise to alter the goals of care. These conversations are sensitive and time-consuming. Our experienced team can spend the time needed to work through the emotional and spiritual issues of all members of the family.

Consider a palliative care consult if you have a seriously ill patient with any of the following:

  • Multiple hospitalizations
  • Difficult physical or emotional symptoms
  • Family or patient confusion or conflict about prognosis or goals of care
  • Family requests for futile treatments
  • Reduced ability to complete activities of daily living
  • Weight loss
  • Limited social support (e.g., mental illness, homelessness)

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